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Quality Real Estate Photography, on Schedule, at Reasonable Prices.

Photography & Videography

Prices come in four tiers with optional add-ons for video and aerial shots. I want you to find value in my service, so if you haven’t found quite the right combination, let’s build a package prescisely for you.

Versatile Packages

Combine interior and exterior photos, with 3 to 5 aerial shots, with a 2 to 3 minute video walk-through, for a complete marketing solution.

As a Zillow Certified Photographer my job is to help agents promote their listings in the most effective way possible. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to 3D Home tour.

 Besides offering a 360 degree view of a property and individual rooms , 3D Home provides a room to room virtual tour that helps shoppers gain an understanding of a home’s features and layout. As an interactive medium, a 3D tour provides an engaging experience designed to attract more home shoppers to your listings.

 I create a 3D tour with every photo package and tailored media package regardless of size. It costs you nothing to add this to your listing.

Video and Aerial Imagery

Many home buyers are coming to expect media options that go beyond photos, especially young buyers.  Tech-Savvy Millenial and Gen Z  buyers find that video and 3D tours help them toward a decision. To them, it’s extremely important in helping them decide on their home.

* I’m a licensed drone (sUAS) pilot under FAA Section 107 regulations.

Not quite what you're looking for?

Let’s build a package that works expressly for you.

David Gamari

David Gamari

I live in Milford, MA with my wife Debbie and 2 Siberian Huskies named Tiki and Miley Rose. They are often the subject of my photographic work, as they are not camera shy like Deb.

Photography has been a lifelong pursuit for me, and although I’ve earned a few dollars here and there selling some of my work, it has never truly been my profession (e.g. making a living at it).  As a teenager, my parents helped me build my own darkroom, where I learned the entire photographic process, and developed my own black and white prints. To me, capturing light on a piece of film to create a print was a fascinating illustration of the science of chemistry. It was the foundation of my college degree (BS, Chemistry).

My first camera was a Rolleiflex, and after many film SLR’s, in March of 2003 I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 10D. Canon served me well, though now I shoot with Sony cameras and lenses, the new mirrorless technology of today. I also use a Mavic 2 Pro for aerial photography and video, as well as a Ronin S gimbal for video walk-throughs.

I’ve enjoyed a productive and successful career of 40 years in science, and technology sales. Today, I have the time to devote to my photography and other more casual pursuits.

You can count on me to be on time, listen to what you want, and deliver a final product when you need it. I guess you could say this is my work now, but when you enjoy taking pictures and video, and processing them as much as I do, it really isn’t work. As to being a professional, I’d say judge me by the quality of my work. I’d like to earn that title.

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